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Bedar - activities

Walking in Bedar

Hiking in Bedar

Whether you are a hiker or a mountaineer, this beautiful region offers countless possibilities.

Explore the many beautiful trails. The incredible views and the breathtaking sunsets. More adventurous excursions off the track are rewarded with caves, ruins, tunnels, wells, springs, old silver mines, ...


The list is almost endless.

Cycling in Bedar

Casa Bédar is a perfect base for cycling and walking tours. Our roads are beautifully laid out and the views provide breathtaking moments.​

We have bicycles available for enthusiasts.


Mini Hollywood and Ford Bravo in Tabernas


If you are a western movie buff then this is the place for you. The majority of Westerns movies have been filmed here and while it's less of an amusement park, the entire town and reservations are the original movie sets.


The Wild West theme park with its own zoo is highly recommended. Watch performances by the can-can girls in the saloon and the spectacular acrobatics of the bad guys being chased on horseback by the sheriff and his men.

Water fun in Aqua Vera

Only a few km further you will find the aqua park in Vera. This water park is filled with slides, pools, a lagoon, shops, restaurants, bars, picnic tables and green areas. The main attractions of the park are the Black Hole, the Kamikaze and the Aventura River.​

You can also enjoy a day on a beach chair at the pool with waves and a small bite to eat. This is a great trip for the whole family!


Beautiful beaches nearby

Andalusia's vast coastline with its beauty and diversity will seduce you. Much of it is a world away from the traditional image of the "Spanish Costa". from some fantastic blue flag beaches between Mojacar Playa to the south and Villaricos to the north. 

The wonderful thing about this region is that there are no high-rise buildings anywhere. If you want a quiet spot on the beach, there are several bays where you can enjoy to your heart's content.


Our region is also popular with golfers. An hour's drive takes you to the Aguilon Golf. This beautiful golf course is located between the mountains with an idyllic view over the sea.

Desert Springs is probably one of the most beautiful golf courses in Spain just half an hour away. The "Indiana course" is the first desert-like golf course in Europe. 

Closer by is Valle Del Este, a varied golf course with a unique design. It's hard to forget the typical features once you've played here.

La Geoda.jpg

La Geoda de Pulpi

La Geoda is the largest limestone cave in Europe. Since 2020 you can visit here with a tour of a guide who tells you about the origin of this cave but also what happened years ago to make this cave accessible to the public.

Yes goes up to 50m deep underground, 8m long and only 3km from the coast!


In Lunar Cable Park in Cuevas there is a  5 tower cable system available allowing for a range of water sports including wakeboarding. Water skiing and kneeboarding are also sports that can be practiced in the park. 


With a low entry threshold, these sports are easy to learn for both children and adults.


The city of Almeria

Almería is a  beautiful city in the south of Spain, Andalusia. The name is derived from the Arabic word Al-Mariya, the 'mirror of the sea'.


The port city is best known for its sunny coast; the Costa de Almería. It is the European city with the most hours of sunshine per year. Most tourists come here for a beach holiday, where you can walk along the boulevards 'Las Ramblas' and enjoy the many tapas bars. Certainly the old center has a maze of nice streets, shops and cafes, but there is also a modern part.


The city of Murcia

Murcia is the seventh city of Spain and is the capital of the region of the same name Murcia. The city is located on the Segura River and has a fairly mild climate.


In Spain , the region of Murcia is especially important for the production and export of vegetables, fruits and flowers. In addition, it is a large student city because of the university.


The city is located approximately 40 kilometers from the Costa Calida (‘warm coast’), the eastern coast of Spain with its many sandy beaches.

Of course you can combine this trip with lovely terraces and culture.

Giraffe zoo.jpg

Terra Natura : zoo

Enjoy a whole day with the family and fun  insured for young and old. There is even a possibility to feed the animals yourself.

The monitors will be happy to help you on site and give you all the info you need. 

Also bring your swimming grievance. There is also an aqua park where young and old can cool off. 


Licor 43 - experience

A trip to the city of Cartagena can be perfectly combined with a trip to the factory of  Licor 43. 


In addition to a tour of the factory itself, you can discover how this liqueur was created in the museum.


Afterwards you can taste delicious cocktails and coffee in which the Licor 43 has been processed.

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